By Rachael Bongiorno

Yewande Komolafe came to the U.S. to pursue her dream of becoming a chef.  But after an administrative error by the culinary school she attended, Yewande lost her student visa and her legal immigration status.  Suddenly she was an undocumented immigrant, unable to leave the U.S. for fear that she would not be allowed to reenter. For almost 20 years one of the few ways Yewande could connect with her home country of Nigeria was through food.  



By Mei-Ling McNamara

The Fi2W Food Journalism Fellowship at WDET supports emerging voices in food reporting in Metro Detroit.  Over the course of the fellowship our journalists will be working in communities reporting on a wide range of food stories. And they will be writing blog entries to chronicle their experiences, including personal reflections, reporting experiences and insights from the field.


Every morning in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Chinese-born grandmas and grandpas stream towards a recycling center on 62nd Street. They carry bags or drag shopping carts overflowing with bottles and cans they have collected over the course of days or weeks, each redeemable for 3 cents.



By Michelle Chen

When my father Ming Yi Chen opened a Chinese department store in New York City in 1971, China was behind the Iron Curtain and soy sauce and chopsticks were still exotic to Americans. There were no real diplomatic or commercial relations between China and the U.S., but there was a lot of curiosity.



By Rosalind Tordesillas

Every now and then the woman in the apron clinks her water glass with a fork to cut through the conversation, and all eyes at the table turn to her.  


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Are Sanctuary Cities in Danger?

“Sanctuary” communities are under attack from the White House. Under an executive order issued on January 25th, the Federal government declares that it will “to the extent consistent with law” and public safety withhold Federal grants to cities, towns, counties and states that protect undocumented immigrants from being detained and deported.


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Between Fear and Hope – Young Immigrants in Post-Election America

Fear and dread have swept through immigrant communities following Donald Trump’s election as president.  Trump has promised to immediately deport 2 to 3-million undocumented immigrants but no one really knows what will happen when Trump takes office. Feet in 2 Worlds invited a group of young immigrants to talk about their responses -in both words and deeds – to the incoming administration.


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UNIDOS: The Next Generation of American Voters 

Unidos comes as part of Feet in 2 Worlds’ ongoing commitment to coverage of Latinos in U.S. elections. Starting in 2008, when we sponsored a multimedia project La Ruta del Voto Latino and offered a wide variety of immigrant perspectives on that year’s historic campaign and election, Fi2W has focused on the unique opportunities and challenges facing the Latino electorate.


The Latino Vote and the Race for President: 
Five Factors to Watch (2015)

Latinos are the epicenter of the swirling, unpredictable 2016 Presidential election campaign – now entering its crucial primary and caucus phase.  From Donald Trumps’s polarizing comments about Mexican immigrants to Hillary Clinton’s somewhat clumsy attempts to identify with Latino grandmothers, Latinos are either being blamed for ruining the country, or their votes are being courted as never before.


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Politics and Policy: The Latino Vote and The 2016 US Presidential Election (2015)

No group is more crucial to the outcome of the 2016 presidential election than Latino voters, and no group of voters is more in play than Latinos during this campaign season.  A surge in Latinos of voting age combined with Donald Trump’s polarizing comments about Mexican immigrants have put Latinos at the center of the race for the White House. Next November the ranks of eligible Latino voters will have grown by 4 to 6-million since the 2012 presidential election.

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Changing Demographics and the Economic Imperative: Manuel Pastor (2015)

This conversation with Manuel Pastor, Director, Program for Environmental and Regional Equity explores questions such as: what are the national demographic shifts and their impact on our country and the economy? What is the “uncommon common ground”? How can policies be used to advance an inclusive agenda that works for all?

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Dream City Podcast Series

Adrielle Grant recalls the day his mother kicked him out. “That’s when she told me, ‘you can’t live in this house, cuz I don’t want no gays in this house.’ Then she said she would kiss her mother’s grave if she if she knew I was gonna be gay.” Adrielle was one of thousands of homeless, young, gay immigrants in New York City when he told his story to Fi2W’s Von Diaz in 2011. 

Listen to earlier episodes of the Dream City podcast – In a Cairo State of Mind and Mona Escapes.

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Coming to the Table: Immigrant Women and Food (2014)

Learn how immigrant women support their families, create community and maintain culture in a new country—through cooking, growing, selling, shopping for, and serving food.

Grace Young, award-winning cookbook author (Stir Frying to the Sky’s Edge, The Breath of a Wok, The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen); Nadege Fleurimond, chef and author, owner of Fleurimond Catering; Jessica Chakraborty, community & culinary manager, The League of Kitchens’; Barbara Sibley, chef & owner, La Palapa restaurant, and cookbook author (Antojitos: Festive and Flavorful Mexican Small Plates); Von Diaz, journalist and food writer

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DREAM Activists and the Immigrant Rights Movement (2011) 

A new generation of activists are "outing" themselves as undocumented Americans, giving the immigrant rights movement a new, more aggressive face. What is the status of the national DREAM Act campaign, and those being pursued state-by-state? Are the new activist strategies proving effective? And what are the political implications of young, undocumented immigrants taking a central role in the movement for immigrant rights?

Jose Antonio Vargas, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Founder, Define American; Aswini Anburajan, Independent Journalist, Feet In Two Worlds; Natalia Aristizabal, Make the Road New York; Adey Fisseha, Policy Attorney, National Immigration Law Center; Tania Mattos, New York State Youth Leadership Council; John Rudolph, Executive Producer, Feet In Two Worlds; Fatima Shama, Commissioner, Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs

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Immigrant Electoral Power: The Changing Face of Leadership in NYC (2010)

As new generations of immigrants emerge and their children grow up, is New York's political character changing? Can new communities gain influence in government and society and help reshape our political leadership?
Sayu Bhojwani, Founding Director, The New American Leaders Project; Margaret Chin, New York City Council Member, District 1; Julissa Ferreras, New York City Council Member, District 21; Jonathan Hicks, Senior Fellow, The DuBois Bunche Center for Public Policy at Medger Evers; John Mollenkopf, Director, Center for Urban Research, City University of New York.; John Rudolph, Executive Producer, Feet in Two Worlds